BEAMNOVA Automatic Wire Stripping Machine Electric Copper Stripper Powered Cable Stripper Tool for scrap copper Recycling

Easily to use, portable and energy saving
Suitable for removing the plastic and rubber insulation from undamaged scrap wire
Have 3 different sized feed holes
Easy adjust-ability means better productivity!
Heavy duty gear box
Adjust distance between blades and shaft in accordance with the cable size. (the insulating layer stripped but not hurt the inner conductor)
Feeding: strip the cables through feeding hole.( you can adjust the feeding hole according cable size to the proper position which cables can enter into but not swing)
Stripping: (hand operated) rotate hand crank in order to peeling, if can’t peel:
            1、too small wire diameter
            2、the blades center not in line with groove center( adjust the blades core)
            3、blades edge is too dull( sharpen the blades)

Wire gauge range: 12" - 1" (3mm - 25mm)
Overall dimensions: 240*320*320MM
110V 50-60Hz 1/4 HP Single Phase Induction Motor
Stripping speed: Approx. 50feet per minute

Package Content:
1x powered Wire Stripping Machine
1x feeding panel
1x allen wrench
1x reducer vent knob
1x manual