BEAMNOVA Commercial 8LB Grease Trap for Restaurants 5GPM Gallons Per Minute Stainless Steel kitchen Interceptor

8 lb Grease Trap- 5 Gallons Per Minute (G.P.M.)
Weight: 12 lbs.
Material: Heavy Duty 1.2mm Thickness 201 Stainless Steel
Removable Baffles for Ease of Maintenance
Cover locking device
Overall dimensions: 13" L x 9 1/3" W x 9 1/3" H
Connection size: 2"


Our Grease Traps are delivered fully assembled and couldn’t be easier to install. Just connect the pipe run from the sinks and dishwasher to the Grease Trap inlet.Then pipe the Grease Trap outlet directly to drain.
We recommend solvent weld pipe is used for a secure fit. Also make sure the trap is on the flat floor.

How it works:

Grease traps work on the basic principal that FOG’s (Fats, Oils & Grease) float on water and solid particles sink.
As the inflow of waste water from the sinks enters the grease trap the fats, oils and greases rise to the surface and is trapped between the baffle plates.
The baffles on the outlet prevents FOG’s from flowing directly through the unit.
These FOG’s are retained within the unit along with food particles and clean water flows under the baffle plates through the unit to drain.
The retained waste collected within the unit can be easily removed at regular intervals using the removable fine mesh filter

Package Contents:

1x Grease trap
1x Waste filter basket