BEAMNOVA 2 in 1 Ring Stretcher Sizer Enlarger & Reducer Repair Adjustment Jewelry Making Tool

Note: Care must be taken whenever stretching a rings, especially with stone set rings, thin shanks, inspect for any solder joints that may break apart when stretching.
Tool works well with Bands, may need to anneal to soften the ring to afford expansion of the metal.
When stretching it is better to stretch slightly then rotate or even flip the ring upside down on the spline and stretch again.
The same is true for band reduction on the base plate... this method will provide and give a more even expansion. (Slight pressure at a time).
--Generally this tool fixture will not expand more than 1 finger size.
NOTE: Miss-use of the Tool may result and cause damage to the stretching 4 segment spline.


1.Dimensions: 17- 1/2" x 7- 1/4" x 4- 1/4"
2.Stretches and Reduces Rings & Bands
3.Size Range: Rings & Bands 1-15 (US Sizes) / 6-33 (CN Sizes)
4.Reversible Base Plate Reduction Die
5.Ring Expander utilizes a 4 segment spline enlarging system to uniformly enlarge rings
Package included:

1x Ring Stretcher Enlarger