BEAMNOVA Electric Hoist Lift 2000LBS Overhead Winch Crane Powered Wire Hoist Remote Control Garage Auto Shop

This 2000LBs Load Capacity Electric Hoist is great for lifting engines, tables, lumber, shop equipment & a whole range of other products. 
No need to climb a ladder & crank a lever with this hoist. by remote control. you can power your load up and down from a safe distance, making it the perfect electric hoist for any shop or automotive garage and loading heavy equipment or removing small engines.

- 110 volt AC, 2 1/4HP motor
- 3 switch configuration: up, down, and emergency stop
- Single line lift: 1000 pounds, speed of 33ft/min, 36 ft height  
- Double line lift: 2000 pounds, speed of 16.5ft/min, 18ft height
- Single cable length: 39 ft.  
- Pulley for double line pull
- Heavy- duty hook
- Remote control unit with cord length of approximately 5'.  
- Mounting brackets included( not including hanging bar, etc.)
- Power up/power down

Package Content:
1x 2000lb Load Capacity Electric Hoist
1x English manual

We suggest this machine to NOT use more than 2 hours a time, due to over hot of the motor. It is better to stop to cool down about 15 minutes after using 1.5 hours.
The motor should be well protected from water. Thanks