BEAMNOVA 13000 VPM Concrete Vibrator 3/4 HP Hand Operated Remove Air Bubbles w/4.9 FT. Long Shaft

Technical Specifications:
Voltage: 110V
Diameter: 1-3/8 inches
Vibration Frequency: 13,000 VPM
Vibration Rod/Head Length: 15-1/8 inches
Product Width: 1-3/8 inches
Shaft Length: 4.9 feet
Length of the power cord: about 157inches

3/4 HP concrete vibrator
1-3/8" diameter vibrator
13,000 vibrations per minute for maximum vibration efficiency
Lock-on button for extended use
4.9 ft. long shaft for easy use and long reach.

This concrete vibrator is ideal for construction, patching and other repair jobs
With an impressive vibration frequency of over 13,000 vibrations per minute, it removes air bubbles and helps concrete settle faster
The lightweight and compact design is ideal for consistent use.
The vibrator features a handy lock-on button for extended use.

Package Included:
1 sets of Concrete Vibrator